Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gardening and sweet moments

Below are pictures of our veggie garden spots.  Most everything is planted and now we hope and pray for a successful gardening year.  Has anyone seen the movie  Faith Like Potatoes?  It is an awesome movie, but I love anything that demonstrates God's love and faith to us.  We are such unworthy recipients of His grace.

Front Garden

Back Garden.  The plants in front is our herb garden, which needs some TLC.

Sweet moments.  Nothing like a momma caring for her baby.  You can see the milk foam dripping.


  1. So wonderful you have your garden planted.. We have had so much rain...It is still too muddy to break up..But, I am anxiously awaiting planting day.. And look forward to the yummy vegtables.

  2. I do like your cow and calf. I grew up in the country - it's hard work, but a much more connected way of life. With God, with nature, and with self.


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