Thursday, April 11, 2013

Black A-line skirt with pink twist top

Here is my new black skirt.  It is from a Simplicity pattern, which I didn't write down the pattern number, my bad.  I have made it before.  I cut a size 14.  The fabric is a leftover piece from a pair of Thurlows I made in January or February.  I sewed French seams, and hemmed the skirt by hand.

The pink top is a Butterick pattern that I made last year.  I believe I cut a size medium.  I want to make another top like it.   I always gets lots of compliments on the top, and I did receive lots of compliments on my skirt and top.  I think I wore this on Tuesday.

See how fresh I look?  This is early morning, before life wears me out!

See how tired I look?  This is after work!  No hose or shoes.  I am a class act!

Peach blossoms
My peach tree is in full bloom.  I never get any peaches that we can eat, because they are the size of marbles.  LOL  I always think we should cut it down each year, but then it blooms, and it looks so pretty, so it gets another chance!

I am in the process of cutting out a Renfrew t-shirt.  I hope to have it finished by the first of next week.

Take care and God bless!


  1. Love your outfit.. The pink top with the black is so pretty. Always so nice to have a black skirt.. We use them for so many occasions..
    The end of the day ..wears me out too.ha.. But you look great.

  2. I feel like the end of the day in the morning sometimes!!! Can't say I blame you for kicking off the shoes! The skirt is lovely though, with or without shoes.

  3. ohh goodness me...I have to google the Renfrew Top, now I need another pattern, love the cowl neck top :o)


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