Thursday, February 7, 2013


I am a baggy mess!
Simplicity 8523 Top

There is not much to write about w/ this pattern.  It is a super simple pattern.  I made view C w/ no changes.  I cut a size 12, and used a ¼” seam allowance, and it fits great.  The fabric does not ravel at all, so I didn’t finish the seams.  I did use a twin needle on all the seams and hems to give it a better look.  I used the twin needle on the front bust darts as well.  I also added those cute square glass buttons to the front to give it a little bit more style.
I have no idea what to call the fabric I used.  It is somewhat of a terry cloth, but it really isn’t.  I wouldn’t call it a knit either as it has zero stretch to it, but it has a knit feel to it.   Regardless, I can say w/o a doubt that it is a petro-fabric of some sort, and while I prefer to use natural fabrics, I do use a lot of man-made fibers as well.
I have plans to make a few more tops from this pattern for some basic staples to wear under jackets, etc.  I also believe a person could use knit fabric w/ this pattern.
If you are new to sewing, this is a great shirt pattern to start with. 

Butterick Jacket
The black jacket is made out of black knit.  I used this pattern, View D and made a size medium.  I wear the jacket quite a bit. 
My pants are a thrift store purchase.  I resized them, and while they are not my favorite, they do get worn when I am running out of my other slacks since I only do laundry once a month.
The picture was taken very late in the day, so, believe it or not, I looked much more put together than what it looks like in the picture. 
Take care and God bless.

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