Friday, February 15, 2013

Lekala Pencil Skirt & OOP Simplicity 9857 Blouse

Let’s start with the Lekala pattern.  If you are unfamiliar with this pattern company, you provide your measurements, and patterns are drafted based on the measurements supplied.  Their website is
The skirt is pattern no. 5088 (one of their free patterns), which is nothing more than a pencil skirt.  The pattern is very easy to understand and sew.  What I didn’t realize is that Lekala patterns run a bit snug, and I do not like snug garments, so I need to lose a few pounds before I will even entertain the thought of wearing it.  That is a shame, since it is such a pretty skirt.  I cut what should have been the equivalent of a size 12 and allowed for ¼” french seam.  I hand sewed the bottom hem.  The fabric is a navy poly-blend. 
Now let’s talk about the blouse.  I love this blouse.  It is a TNT pattern.  I really cannot count how many blouses I have made with this pattern.  The sizing is pretty much on the money.  I used a cotton/poly blend fabric.  The fabric is fairly thin, and I wish I would have underlined it, but what’s done is done.  I have a nice camisole that will keep my covered.  I cut a size 12 and used 5/8” French seams everywhere except the armholes.  White lace was used to cover those seams.  I hand sewed the bottom hem, and used very dainty, round pearl buttons.  I also hand stitched the continuous lap located on the bottom of each sleeve.  This is a nice addition to my work wardrobe.

Now, if I can only lose those 5 pesky lbs…
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  1. They both look like lovely and very well made pieces :)

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  3. I like these pieces too. The blouse is a great piece of work.


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