Thursday, June 13, 2013

ITY Knit Skirt

Whoa diggity!  This fabric was very difficult to sew.  I almost threw it in the trash, but I am too much of a tightwad to do that, so I kept at it and perservered.  This isn't my best work, but it does look good on me, and I will get lots of wear out of it during the summer months.

I initially started out making a maxi dress, but I could not stand how it was turning out, so that idea got tossed in the trash can.  I took the skirt portion of the pattern and just sewed up a center seam.  Added elastic to the back, and put a couple of pleats in the front.  I made a waistband out of some black ponte knit (I love ponte knit) that I had left over, and attached it!  I hand sewed the hem because, again, the knit was a bear to sew. 

I have enough of this fabric left that I might try to make Renfrew long sleeve cowl shirt for winter, but first I have to get over my issues w/ the fabric first :/
Take care and God bless!


  1. my first time using ITY was also horrible. i could not get it to behave. sewing with ITY in winter is a big no-no for me b/c it's so clingy and static-y it's impossible to work with. i've had better luck with spring/summer dresses. they have so many cute prints though! so i keep trying.

  2. So sorry the fabric was so rough to sew.. However, your skirt turned out beautiful. Love the colors. Happy sewing.

  3. That is a beautiful skirt!! I just finished working with a light sweater knit for the first time so I can appreciate what you went through with ITY. It takes practice to handle a new fabric.


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