Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maggie Mae Turns 2

Miss Maggie Mae is already 2 months old!  Time really does fly.  She is such a doll, and her coloring is quite a bit different from her momma and sister.  Now, Miss Maggie's color will start changing around 4 months or so, but I believe she will still maintain that classic fawn Jersey color.  When she makes noises now, it actually is starting to sound like a moo.  Up until just lately, any noise she made sound like "berrp".  LOL  Jerseys are a quiet cow by nature. 

When Maggie turns 4 months, we will put a weaning butterfly ring in her nose.  It doesn't hurt, but it will break her from nursing.  She will wear that for about 3 months.

Maggie continually learns all the big cow things from her momma.  It is just sweet to watch.
That is it on the bovine front.  I love our girls.  They are much more than income providers.  I consider them all blessings from God.

Take care and God bless!

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  1. Gosh, she is so beautiful, and she has grown. You are right, Jersey cows are so lovable - placid and adorable, and their eyes are just big limpet souls. I truly think the soul of God is in those eyes. I like Brahman cows too. I'm a bit of a cow softie. They are so much more than income providers, but we are supposed to look after our animals well, so I don't think they were ever designed to be just "income providers".


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